More than 1 Million robot programs automatically programmed with AutomAPPPS! 

We are a leading provider of software tools for automated  programming of robots and processes.

AutomAPPPS software tools make robot programming faster and cheaper than conventional methods, in some cases up to 500 times - even without robot experts.

AutomAPPPS tools are used by our customers to

  • leverage flexibility of their own automation products
  • program robot cells off-line faster / cheaper
  • automate novel applications not possible before, where robots programm themselves within seconds

Advantages of AutomAPPPS-based solutions:

  • Minimized efforts and cost for programming robots
  • Reduced test-runs and non-productive time
  • Adpative production lines, lotsize 1 ready
  • Automates novel, reactive applications, even touch-up
  • Savings of costly hardware and space



Some applications programmed with AutomAPPPS. Courtesy of: ASIS GmbH, bsAutomatisierung GmbH, Convergent IT, AICON 3D Systems GmbH, TEN s.r.l., Micro-Epsillon Messtechnik GmbH & CoKG

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